Useful free Mobile Software and Mobile Applications

Mobile software are software used in mobile phones. There are both commercial and free mobile software available in world wide web for download. Actually mobile phone users are increasing along with the release of advanced versions of mobile phones in the market. The impact of this boom in mobile industry is tempting programmers to develop variety of mobile phone applications for different field in life. There are advance mobile technology based tools such as 3g, 2g, CDMA, etc and there is definitely mobile phone software for almost all other day to day applications . But students and teenagers are searching for free mobile phone games for a refreshment.

Here we are providing download links of various mobile applications or mobile software and explaining their use. These all are legally free mobile software with free software licenses. so you can download it and use it or edit it for your need.

Mobile Phone 3G Tools
This mobile software are used to transmit data with mobile phone over 3g to some other devices.

Gives you the world atlas in your mobile phone

You can backup your mobile phone data such as any image, videos or messages from your mobile phone to some other devices.

This mobile applications are used to control some other devices with your mobile phone via bluetooth technology

Broadcast Video
This mobile phone software is used to broadcast video with the help of your cell phone.

Calculator, Calendar, Dictionary
Both are mobile phone applications.

Mobile application helps you to use mobile phone as a camera for PC

Cell ID Tracking
With the help of this mobile phone software you can track the cell id of mobile service providers, or you can edit cell id entries.

Content Management
Mobile phone applications helps to do content management with your mobile browsers.

There are various mobile software for the purpose of drawing fractal mandelbrot.

Ebook Converter , Ebook Reader
You know ebooks are really helpful in web and its impact is now there in mobile world. This applications help you to read books and convert some text to ebook format.

Exam Preparation
Various exam preparation mobile applications are there for easy and portable usage.

Free Caller
Mobile application used to call a number, and to record or manage phone calls.

Mobile games are a needed thing for refreshment after a hectic work.

Geo Caching
Lot of applications are there for mobile geo caching purpose.

GIS , GPS Receiver, GPS tracking
There are various mobile applications or mobile software to track the position of mobile user via satellites commonly known as Geo Positioning Systems (GPS).

Mobile Programming
Various mobile programming tools are there to develop various mobile software for different mobile phones.

Mobile eLearning
Mobile elearning systems are available to use in different handsets with different image resolutions and mobile data storing capacity.

Like wise there are lot of mobile applications for Mailing through mobile phone, various maps via GPS, mobile YouTube Players to view videos, mobile MP3 players or editors for hearing audio, mobile phone NBU Viewer, mobile phone note Book to record various events or store data, Mobile phone applications which interact with PC's, mobile software used to read pdf files; PDF Viewer, mobile phone applications for personal Finance Management, remote applications in mobile phones, various simulators that are used in mobile phone, Mobile tools used to send and receive or manage SMS text, mobile software for Stock Exchange, mobile Text Reader, mobile phone Video Downloader from web, mobile phone based Weather Forecast, etc and more.

Space Ballistics

Space Ballistics is a mobile phone game. You need to specify angle and speed of the torpedo for hit enemy. Depending on sizes, planets pull the missile and make trajectory of this difficult.


just1 Midlet

The just1 Midlet is a J2ME game providing Hitori puzzles for your java enabled mobile phone or PDA. The game requires at least MIDP 1.0 and CLDC 1.0.